We’re headed to Simms ICE OUT 2011

We’re going to have to change the sign on the front office door from “gone fishin’” to “gone to ICE OUT.”  It’s time to hit the road south to Bozeman to attend one of the best guide events of the year.

The gathering is going down this coming Thursday the 14th through Saturday the 16th, and is open to members of the Simms Pro Program.

As proud sponsors of the event, we’re going to be holding a big tying throwdown.  Whichever pattern wins will go into the Montana Fly Company 2012 catalog.  That’s a big deal!  We’ll have three MFC tying stations set up.  Be sure to come check out the latest in materials and techniques.

We’re also looking forward to the Guide Olympics, the film and photo presentation by Catch Magazine, the gear sales and the all the adult beverages, but another big reason we’re headed down is to take in the seminars.   No, really!  We are ready to learn from the industry and share information.  There are seminars on fly selection and entomology…our favorite subjects!

Another one of the highlights at the event is the Simms Shoot Out, hosted by The Drake Magazine.  It’s a videography contest of the country’s best fishing filmmakers.  And it’s a pretty unique contest–each filmmaker has just two days to shoot and edit an entire film in Montana.  It’s screened at the ICE OUT event…winner take all.  $1,000! Check out the filmmakers in this year’s contest.  You know we love our fish porn.

If you’re planning to be in Bozeman for the Simms Ice Out Guide Event, be sure to holler at us and we’ll buy you a beer.   (Hopefully there will be a hosted bar.)

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