The Provo Brothers

The Provo Brothers are pretty darn amazing. Ian and Neil Provo have made a habit of creating some of the most incredible outdoor imagery ever. Both Neil and Ian are avid skiers, fly fishermen, and photo and video addicts.

This is kind of nice:

Montana Fly Company is very proud to sponsor the Brothers’ current adventure/project to Alaska and British Columbia, where they will be “chasing steelhead and spines.” Ian describes it this way:

“Just over a decade ago, my brother Neil and I began a new life in Utah and started down a path that we knew would someday lead us to places like British Columbia and Alaska. This spring we have a plan to travel further north on the path than we’ve ever been before, to experience the greatest big mountain riding and steelhead fishing the world has to offer, in one journey.”

The boys will be capturing some incredible imagery and video – we can hardly wait to see what comes out of their magic lenses! Along the way they will be casting some MFC flies and sporting the MFC boat gear. Catch some big uns for us.

Their itinerary sounds just spectacular:

“After what is hopefully a successful Alaska ski trip, we’ll begin part two of the quest and hopefully bring another lifelong dream to reality. This part involves taking a ferry from Haines down through the North Coast of B.C, eventually arriving in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. It is here where we enter the most fabled steelheading waters on the planet. We will explore the Skeena and its tributaries, and our timing should be perfect for the spring return of the wild steelhead. “

Keep tuned in for updates! In the meanwhile, you can peruse the blog sites of the Neil and Ian and enjoy some eye candy like this:



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