North Fork On-The-Fly Whiskey Comes With a Bug

We are excited to announce the release of North Fork On-The-Fly Whiskey from Glacier Distillery in Coram, Montana. MFC teamed up with the distillery to bring this special edition spirit to market with a unique twist: Every bottle of On-The-Fly has one of four beautiful MFC flies adorning the bottle.



North Fork On-The-Fly is a peach-infused whiskey in the North Fork line. On-The-Fly is a six-month aged North Fork Flood Stage whiskey infused with hand-cut white peaches. The barrel imparts a light oak spice and the peaches give it a golden sweet finish. Wax sealed and adorned with a hand selected Montana Fly Company bug, this limited edition bottle would make a great gift for any fly fisherman.

“Glacier Distillery is a local spirit maker, right here in Northwest Montana,” says MFC President, Adam Trina. “It was a natural fit for us. We are excited to make this special edition happen.  I guess we all know that two things that pair nicely are fly fishing and a great whiskey!”

On-The-Fly is non chill-filtered and bottled at 88 proof for maximum flavor. They are only bottling ten cases, so get yours soon. They are available at the Whiskey Barn in Coram, on your way to fish the North Fork. Each bottle has a ready-to-fish bug, one of these for designs:  Oswald’s Rastaman Golden #10, Swisher’s PMX Royal #12, Royal Stimulator #10, or Perry’s Bugmeister#12.

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