“Skiing is my life, surfing is my hobby, and fly fishing is my art”

Cody Townsend,world-class professional freeskier, coverboy of Powder Magazine’s September 2011 issue and star of multiple feature ski films, is also a fellow who likes to cast for the biggies. So we are very excited to announce a revolutionary move that centralizes the passion for the outdoors: Montana Fly Co. has added  Cody Townsend to the  MFC Pro Team roster.

MFC President Adam Trina had this to say:

We see a lot of amazing athletes in the outdoor and ski industries who are also great fly fisherman. We don’t see it as two worlds.  We recognize the overall passion for the outdoors…and we feel fly fishing should not be exclusive.  We are proud of our strength in the outdoor industry where people enjoy many different epic adventures.  We’ve found that fly fishing is always in the mix, and we’re pleased to lead the charge in getting more people on the water.

Cody’s take on all this?

I love fly fishing, fly tying and all things outdoors. I’ve always been a fan of MFC’s progressive flies, materials and designs and I’m more than honored to be working with such a great company.

Our thoughts exactly!



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