Shawn Brillon joins MFC team

Our management team at MFC is small, so we’ve always shared product-related projects. But now we’ve grown to the point of needing a dedicated expert who can focus on product so we can be more effective in cranking out the quality our customers expect.

That’s why we’ve created a new position at MFC headquarters in Montana. The newly-created product developer and quality assurance specialist role has been filled by industry veteran Shawn Brillon.

Shawn is now in charge of seeing our offerings through from concept and design to the worldwide marketplace. He’ll work closely with our other team leaders to introduce innovative new flies, tools and accessories as well as potential new product categories. From product line management to forecasting and packaging, the role is dynamic, and Shawn is well-equipped.

Spending more than 18 years at Orvis, with eight of those dedicated to product development, Shawn is no stranger to the process of bringing top-shelf flies and fly fishing goods from infancy to the riverbank. In addition to development, his resume boasts assortment management, retail management, commercial fly tying, fly tying instruction, casting instruction, guiding and more.

“It’s not enough to say that we want to continue pushing innovation across our product lines,” says Montana Fly Company national sales manager Jake Chutz. “We need to continue to walk the walk. With a true pro like Shawn joining the team, we know we’re equipped to bring MFC to the next level in design, quality, delivery and overall customer satisfaction. He and I will be working together daily, and I couldn’t be more excited about where the brand is headed.”

Shawn says, “In my nearly 19 years at Orvis, I worked closely with the MFC team and really dug what they were doing product wise. They always had the cool stuff, the stuff that got you excited to open a catalog or give you a reason to walk into your local fly shop. I’m excited to be part of what’s cool and innovative coming out of the MFC camp. I am thankful for this great opportunity to help propel MFC into a new era. I’ve learned that the key to success is to offer products that are absolutely right, and having them available when customers want them.”

Shawn and his photographer wife, Jaci have relocated from Vermont to Columbia Falls, Montana where they are looking forward to exploring the local rivers and mountains. They have one grown son, Riley, three dogs and a drift boat.


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