Fishing with Bern: it’s about dang time

Bern does it just right. Take a close look at the MFC Boat Box--there are some never-before-seen Bern's Buggers in there!

MFC National Sales Manager Jake Chutz spends a lot of time on the road this time of year. He’s visiting shops, talking with guides, making sure all is well on the Western (and MidWestern, Eastern, Southern, etc) front. And while he tries to fish in all corners of the world during his travels, time doesn’t always allow as many casts as he’d like. He’s especially been wanting to get on the water with famed artist Bern Sundell, and he finally made it happen last week.

Jake made his way down to Ennis to attend Bern and Lexie Sundell’s Creative Flow event at their RiverStone Gallery. It was a vibrant evening filled with friends, art, food and plenty of fish tales. Plan to attend next year, folks!

While Jake likes galleries as much as the next guy, it was river time with Bern that really struck a good chord. How could you not love a day filled with streamer eats, laughs and the one that broke the net. Yep.

Here’s how it went down: Jake was stripping Sparkle Minnows as Bern tested his new flies, that for now we’re calling “Bern’s Buggers.” (Stay tuned–these will come out next year.) Alan Muchmore from Firehole Ranch was on the sticks. Bern and Jake landed a number of hard-fighting fish between 17 and 20 inches, before Jake put the graphite to a 25″ brown trout daddy-o.  He jumped out of the boat to land it, got it in the net, and expertly walked it back to the boat for a quick Kodak moment. That’s when all hell broke loose. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but a two-footer doing a tail kick hard enough to break a five inch hole in the net with its face is nothing short of hell.

She gone.

That’s when Jake said, “It’s just nice to be out here.”

There aren’t photos, so basically that big fish didn’t happen. (But really, it did.)

Until next time, dear Bern. Great day; thank for hosting us on your home water. We’re so glad you’re a part of the MFC family.

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