Featured Fly Designer: Capt. Michael Bruner

Our latest featured fly designer has a love for the saltwater marshes and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with clients through his Charleston, South Carolina guiding operation, Fins and Flies Charters. Meet Capt. Michael Bruner.

Michael’s MFC Juicy Fruit and TCB Crab patterns bring the reds to the yard time after time. And they’ve been known to be versatile temptations for other species as well, fooling northern stripers in the flats and bonnethead sharks.  Here’s a photo of four different species that ate the Juicy Fruit in the purple root beer colorway that we’re running.

Capt. Bruner has been hounding Charleston redfish in the surrounding marshes for about 20 years, letting his crab do work in the grass as well as making the Juicy Fruit move fish in bigger water.  (Remember, redfish– Juicy Fruit is gonna move ya when you pop it in your mouuuuth…)

Whether it’s the exposed pluff mud flats in low water, to flooded spartina grass flats, Michael chooses his approach to bringing in redfish based on the time and size of the tide, season, and recent trends. The tides in that zone are so big and span six hours, so Michael is an expert on when the flats are fishable based on water depth. For anyone wanting to fish the salt marshes in South Carolina for the reds that reign there, Capt. Michael Bruner is your man, and his stellar MFC patterns are the tastiest treats.

When he’s not putting happy clients on fish, Michael gets as much bow time as possible, and can also be found picking banjo for his local bluegrass band Flatt City.

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