Conquering Chironomids Volume II–Advanced Tactics DVD

We’re excited to announce that Phil Rowley and Brian Chan’s much awaited Conquering Chironomids Volume II–Advanced Tactics DVD is coming out this month!

Phil says, “This volume is far more comprehensive than our first which was more of an introductory step into the complex world of stillwater chironomid fishing.  This latest volume focuses upon deep water indicator tactics, floating line tactics, sinking line tactics using both fast and slow sinking lines, adult and emerger tactics and integrating droppers/multiple flies.”

Many of the flies referred to in the 1.5hr DVD are already part or soon to be part of the suite of flies MFC produces for Phil and Brian.  In the special features section of the DVD, there is a full listing of fly images and recipes featuring MFC tying products. The fly section sets the stage for Volume III where the boys tie their favorite chironomid patterns to round out this instructional series.  It’s a Lord of the Rings appeal, if you will!

Phil says, “Brian and I are optimistic that this volume will prove more popular than our first volume which sold out its original run of 1000 copies in just under a year.  Public demand for Volume II has been strong with countless inquiries regarding its release from consumers and dealers all over North America.”

Congrats, fellows–we’re excited for Volume II to come out!


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