Featured Fly Designer — Juan Ramirez

There’s a great article that just came out in the Colorado Collective about MFC fly designer Juan Ramirez, aka The Hopper Juan.

An excerpt says: On the river, Juan guides a range of clients for an ultimate Colorado fishing experience. O n the fly-tying vice, his designs have gained national recognition and his hands-on instructional videos keep anglers tying and casting what the trout are hungry for.

We love how the article addresses Juan’s take on conservation and Juan’s experience with catch-and-release on the Cimarron River.

“We caught them and kept them, and caught and kept, and then we didn’t catch anything,” Juan said. “Then we realized, ‘Oh we caught them all’. You realize the fish are like money. If you spend it all, there won’t be anything left.”

To read the entire article, click here.

The Hopper Juan’s patterns are among some of our all-time most popular. ¬†Ask for them by name in your local shop! We love Juan’s Sniper Baetis, Juan’s Sparkle Wing, Juan’s Ice Emerger, and OF COURSE Juan’s Hopper Juan.



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