MFC’s newest designer will donate royalties to public water fight

We’ve been wading through the many great patterns submitted by fly designers from all over the world, and we’re just about done making our final selections for the 2016 catalog.

Among the submissions is Yama’s Nunya Midge. It’s a great pattern by Utah resident Kyle Toyama. Upon hearing of his recruitment as a brand new MFC fly designer, Kyle informed us that he will be donating any royalties to the Utah Stream Access Coalition, an organization dedicated to restoring public fishing water in Utah that has been locked down by private interests. Good on ya, Mr. Toyama!

Note to all designers: if you tie flies this tiny, you need to invest in a macro lens on your camera. This baby is tiny! Tied on a size 26 hook, Kyle had Utah’s winter tailwaters in mind when he created this CDC wonder. Kyle says, “I had the idea based on flies that have worked well for me in the past, particularly in difficult situations like the spring creeks in Idaho and Montana and fishing very picky trout back east. All of the flies that worked in those situations were for the most part sparse, simple and low-hanging.”

Why it works: The body hangs low and is sparsely tied to resemble the slightness and profile of an emerging midge as it ascends and uses the resistance of the water’s surface to break out of its shuck. Kyle is also working on his Nunya BWO, so stay tuned.

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