Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Montana Fly Company

The time has come to once again celebrate the foundation, the rock, the glue that holds every family together…the single reason we all get to do what we do and the house remains, for the most part, intact…wait, it’s not Mother’s Day this weekend?!

Dads all over the world get to have their annual 24 hours in the spotlight this Sunday and we’re excited to offer a few suggestions on how to best celebrate that man in your life (Trust me, they feel that they need to be celebrated even though it might appear they celebrate themselves every day). When it comes to guys and dads and what they think they need to feel complete, it’s fairly simple.

Moms, when you see that fly tying bench, or maybe the kitchen table, littered with feathers and fur of every color, shape and size imaginable, and all you want is a little bit of organization…well, we’re not going to be able to help with that. But once those flies have been tied or purchased from the local fly shop (he might tend to refer to this place as “The Office”) we have incredible storage options that will directly aid in your intended tidying of public spaces within the house.

From the kitchen sink of fly boxes, the Montana Fly Company Boat Box, to waterproof options, to the simple, yet aesthetically brilliant plastic fly boxes, MFC has what your man needs and wants. Take a moment and research where his “office” might be and pick up a new fly box or two. Watch his eyes light up as though you totally knew what he wanted the whole time! Super brownie points on this one! Happy Father’s Day to all those dads out there and we hope this works in your favor this year!


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