Stirling’s Mo’ Town Shuffle

I want to first of all send a huge thanks to Capt. Rob Weiker (aka Tater’s Dad) from Lakestream Fly Shop in Whitefish who kept us on fish the whole time and wouldn’t relinquish his tenure on the oars … (“that man’s a stud!”) and who lined up two cameramen who are making a show for Fox (regional: ID, MT, WA) called “Things To Do In Montana”. This particular episode will feature the Missouri River, near Craig, MT. We floated from Holter Dam to Craig the first day and caught a pile of fish. The second day we did the same float and wrecked ‘em again. (Again, I’ll submit another huge thanks to my friend Rob for his skills as a guide) Third day we tried streamers down low (Mid-Canon to Prewitt), but it was sunny and the bite wasn’t on. The piece will feature all Montana Fly Company flies, and here are the ones that worked like champs: Dunnigan’s Flashback Scud in pink was the #1 killer (32-0620). Other flies that worked were: Firebead Ray Charles in grey (32-0370) and the Tung Micro Worm in red (03-0310).

Special thanks go to local Missouri River guide Eric Mondragon for schlepping the cameramen down the river, and Wolf Creek Angler for their hospitality. Also, Tater the dog for being so well-behaved!

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