New Mo-Joo Fly Series

It’s no secret that the talented fly designers at Montana Fly Co. slay it at the tying bench.  But guess what!?  They actually get out and fish, too!  Joel Silverman, an MFC designer from Helena, MT recently sent us a few pics of him testing his new “Mo-Joo” series of flies on the Missouri and in the Olympic Peninsula.

Gee, Joel, I think the beasts like your bugs.

Joel Silverman on the Missouri using a Mo-Joo Minnow

Joel's buddy Steve Whistler with a nice Brown on the Missouri. Mo-Joo Minnow

Joel on the Olympic Peninsula using a "Mo-Joo Leech"

So, where are the images of these amazing new flies ? Well, stay tuned—we may give a sneak peak of the new 2012 flies on our Facebook page in the next couple of weeks.  And, of course, they’ll be in the new catalog.







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