Winner(s) Announced of the “Create a Fish App of Your Dreams”

First, thank-you to everyone for participating in the phone app contest!

There are actually two winners: “David” is the 1st place winner and the 2nd place prize goes to “theheavystone.”

David’s ideal app is just plain awesome. Check it out:

“When you take a picture of your big catch, the app automatically sends the shot to your buddies who couldn’t make it on the trip. Based on the mode you set it in (“sincere” or “flaunt”), when they open the email/text photo, a recording (maybe your own voice?) speaks out. Based on the setting it might say something like, “This one’s for you buddy. Wish you were here.” or “Hey, what are you doing again? Oh yeah, you had to go pick out curtains for your new breakfast nook. Well, I’m just out on the river catching huge slobs. No big deal. Maybe you can join us next time?”

You could send this picture to your friends, for example….if you were this guy. Your friends would be jealous, or not. Not sure, but anyway you get the point!

“Theheavystone” submitted a great line that is worth awarding:

“…But seriously, the best fishing app is the one which functionally disables your phone while near proximity to water. C’mon people.”

Love it and stay tuned for another contest soon!









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One Response to Winner(s) Announced of the “Create a Fish App of Your Dreams”

  1. theheavystone says:

    Any prize for second place?

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