How many pairs of discount forceps or nippers does a person really go through in their life…? The constant pillaging of the bargain bin on the counter full of $.99 nippers is outrageous! It’s like the penny dish at the local gas station…have a penny, leave a penny…need a penny, so on and so forth. I’ve never fallen in love with a pair of nippers or forceps and couldn’t really be bothered if they took a nose dive in the river amidst the chaos of landing that one that almost got away… That was until now!

Montana Fly Company has come out with a collection of river tools worthy of drool… the new Hot Grips forceps and snips are set to bring fashion and style to form and function while on the river. With a soft rubber coating on the high-use locations paired with a sharp matte black finish over sturdy stainless steel. Gift those rusty forceps back to your dentist and step into a pair of Hot Grips…going green has never felt so right!

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