Contest Call-Out! Create Fish App of Your Dreams

Hey tech geeks–you know who you are.

This week we are calling on your creative juices to create the (pretend) ideal, perfect and dreamy fish app for your phone. The winner wins one of our new River Camo G4 iphone cases! Here is a sampling of the new covers and colors.
















Here are a few examples of new apps that we think would be awesome before, during and after a fishing trip.

1. An app that knows if you’ve forgotten something like your cooler, rod or waders.

2. An app that will create a slideshow of your fishy grin n’ grip pics and display them like a projector on the back wall at the local bar.

So get after it! What app would you like to see in your wildest dreams? The best one (we judge) is the winner!

This contest will end next Wednesday.


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22 Responses to Contest Call-Out! Create Fish App of Your Dreams

  1. Jeremy Barnes says:

    How about an all around fly fishing pocket companion app… knots, hatches (including zones, water temps, etc), etc…

  2. Franklin says:

    How do I buy one of those iPhone 4 cases? only the 3′s are listed…

  3. Patrick says:

    I’m thinking along the lines of an app that would allow you to take a photo of an insect, maybe even of a hatch, then compare what it “sees” in the photo with a database of insect, and identify of the insect. It would, of course, provide a photo/illustration, additional information (life cycle, preferred habitat, etc.), with a button on the screen that would link to recommended flies, again with photos/illustrations and suggested presentation. To go all out, this list of flies would be linked to a user-created database, thus ensuring that the recommended fly is in your fly box.

  4. Trevor Carlson says:

    A fish app that would calculate the weight and lenght of a fish when it takes a picture. The camera in the phone could have a senor on the lense that would measure the distance from the camera to the fish and could calculate the length and weight accordingly.

  5. admin says:

    Franklin–You can go to to get a G4 cover! Thank-you!

  6. Jeromy Goyt says:

    Fish finder app. Using the camera you can scan deep holes and see what fish are lurking.

  7. Brett A says:

    I’d like a back country fly fishing app that ties in the google map function in the iphone to map forest roads or trails to high country streams in remote places. Landmarks, best fishing spots along the creeks, parking spots, length of hike, campgrounds along the way, best pattern, etc. The app would need to map the location and route while still in town, then save to the phone, since the phone’s signal will likely be lost along the hike. As we know from reading old guide books, These maps need updating a lot, which the google app function would do automatically.

  8. Jr McClellan says:

    A fly fishing or fly tying app would be great.

  9. Brody Schade says:

    I’d love an app that could use your location and point you to nearby hotspots. Pulling information from a bunch of different fishing reports to guide you to where the fishing is rocking, what is working, and what are biting. Would be epic.

  10. H Haemmerle says:

    To be complete, I think the app would need to contain access to topo maps (roads, access points, local fly shops), flow data, weather data, hatch information (and fly recommendations), fish species information, and a method to record your catch log and other pertinent information (water temperature, actual weather, etc).

  11. David says:

    When you take a picture of your big catch, the app automatically sends the shot to your buddies who couldn’t make it on the trip. Based on the mode you set it in (“sincere” or “flaunt”), when they open the email/text photo, a recording (maybe your own voice?) speaks out. Based on the setting it might say something like, “This one’s for you buddy. Wish you were here.” or “Hey, what are you doing again? Oh yeah, you had to go pick out curtains for your new breakfast nook. Well, I’m just out on the river catching huge slobs. No big deal. Maybe you can join us next time?”

    • admin says:

      David! You are the winner of the Dream phone app contest! Email to claim your prize! Thank you!

    • Frank Ramirez says:

      Charlie, Chris,

      My neighbor and I have created an app called “Good Fish” that does nearly all of this. It’s been out for a year now and we are having a blast seeing the fish getting shared from around the world.

      Good Fish App for iPhone, iTouch:

      Droid app:

      Please give it a try and let me know what you think!

      co-founder of Good Fish

  12. theheavystone says:

    I think a few of my buddies might already have this one… It’s called “Fish-Stretcher”. You take a pic, pinch and spread, and wha-la.. a lunker. Now your far-fetched fishing tales come with photo evidence. But seriously, the best fishing app is one which functionally disables your phone while in near proximity to water. C’mon people..

    • admin says:

      Heavystone–your last line was a close second to the Dream phone app contest! Love it! Email to claim your prize!

  13. Dean Wormell says:

    I know this is not an app, but a waterproof iPhone case would be great. Add the capability to take underwater photos.

  14. Chris S. says:

    Someone should create an app that keeps a record of the locations, fly’s used, fish type, and size for the different areas you fish in. You should be able to pull up the app and access what areas are closes to you so that you can easily access them and make sure that you have the correct flies. The app should also make it so that pictures you share with your fishing buddies show a different location than you were actually in so that they can’t take over your fishing spot.

  15. Charlie King says:

    My ideal app would be a journaling app that consisted of being able to log fish caught by species, location, month, time of day, weather, water temperature, and body of water.

    For say I caught a fish. I would then take an image or video of the fish. The app uses the time stamp and geo location to determine the time of day, the month, and coordinates that this fish belongs to.

    After the image is caught, I can then fill in what the fish is caught on by fly type (streamer, dry, wet fly, etc.), select from a custom set of flies (PT nymph, wooly, para Adams, etc) and the hook size.
    After selecting the fly, you can select what rod, reel, line, line weight was used from your added selection.
    Add the body of water, and also refine the location by dropping a pin, or inputing geo coords for those of us that use a gps.
    Add the weather is pulled from another resource (, weatherunderground, etc via the geo coordinates) but is also editable by sunny, over cast, partly cloudy, etc and temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
    Add the water temp, and all of this is saved.

    Once everything is in the database, you can then go to the “fishing today” and select what water you’re fishing, weather you’re fishing in and month you’re fishing, and see past history flies that caught fish, reels that caught fish, holes that caught fish etc. creating your own personal database.

    There’s also a setting where you can add friends by email or username to share data, and have WHAT data shared is selectable so you can help friends out, but maybe not give them ALL of your secrets.

    Start creating your own past history to create a better consistent fishing life, re live the moments.

    I have more on the idea, just dont have time to write more as I SHOULD be working lol

    • Charlie King says:

      A couple things I forgot to add that I think are pretty important

      Having a daily summary and being able to select from the summary to see details.

      Having a photo library sortable by fish species, body of water, or fly that caught the fish.

      One is that when adding your fly that caught the fish, you can select what type of rig was used, up to three flies. When selecting two flies, your first fly is your top fly and second fly is bottom fly. Same with three flies, the fall in precedence of the line from tip of the rod to the last fly on the line.

      A section for notes of the day.

      A section for hatches for the day to keep track of what hatches are on what months and body of water.

      and lastly, when you see a fly that was used, you can select it to see what insect/bug it most resembles and what other flies might be used. This will be great for when sharing your flies with friends. If I see that my buddy used an RS2, but I dont have an RS2, I might see that a jujubee works as well, which I might have in my box.

      Photo’s uploadable to facebook, flickr, etc.

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