IFTD Contests to win a Boat Box!


We’ve successfully conquered one trade show and now we’re off to the next.

Outdoor Retailer has come and gone and now our plates are full with IFTD happenings. Now, if you’ve ever hung out with us at a trade show you know that we host some pretty awesome events. Lucky for you, we’re not about to let that habit fade. If you’re attending IFTD in Reno next week, join MFC for the chance to win an MFC Waterproof Boat Box and the chance to land your fly in next year’s MFC catalog–two great contests, two great prizes.

One Fly Open Contest:

Montana Fly Company will be hosting its One Fly Open contest at IFTD, in which show attendees come and try their hand at tying their own San Juan Worm…blindfolded. That’s right. Take a step up to our vice and show your skills by trying to tie a San Juan worm with MFC materialswhile wearing an MFC Redneck Gaiter as a blindfold. Winner gets a pat on the back…and a BOAT BOX. You know you want one. Booth #771. Check out the details below. MFC will be the final judge.

One Fly Open Contest

Best Worm Wins


Submit your own fly contest:

Submit your own original fly for ANOTHER chance to win an MFC Waterproof Boat Box and the opportunity to have your fly showcased in next year’s catalog. Pretty sweet, right? Bring your pre-tied fly to IFTD at booth #771 to enter the contest. We will display each fly that is submitted and IFTD attendees can come and vote for the best fly. The best fly with the most votes WINS!  Please contact us via Facebook message for any questions, comments or concerns and please post on our Facebook or Twitter with any smack-talking content.


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