Contest! What’s that bug?

Kris Keller is back in action and out on the river again!

Though this June Montana weather can be a handful sometimes, MFC has still managed to get some pretty sweet photos of our most recent fishing escapades. You know what that means…(ok, well maybe you don’t but we’ll give you a hint…starts with a “C” and ends with an “ontests”.) Any ideas?

Check out this photo of Kris Keller with all the bugs all over his hoodie. Not to mention the enormous brown trout in his hands. Head over to our Facebook Page and give us your best guesses as to what those bugs all over Kris’s hoodie are.

What kind of bugs are on Kris Kellers MFC hoodie?

First person to guess correctly wins a sample of these bugs!



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4 Responses to Contest! What’s that bug?

  1. Jason Barnes says:


  2. Alan chidester says:

    Bugs are mothers day caddis

  3. Nathan says:


  4. Ben Morin says:


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