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Shawn Brillon joins MFC team

Our management team at MFC is small, so we’ve always shared product-related projects. But now we’ve grown to the point of needing a dedicated expert who can focus on product so we can be more effective in cranking out the quality our customers expect.

That’s why we’ve created a new position at MFC headquarters in Montana. The newly-created product developer and quality assurance specialist role has been filled by industry veteran Shawn Brillon.

Shawn is now in charge of seeing our offerings through from concept and design to the worldwide marketplace. He’ll work closely with our other team leaders to introduce innovative new flies, tools and accessories as well as potential new product categories. From product line management to forecasting and packaging, the role is dynamic, and Shawn is well-equipped.

Spending more than 18 years at Orvis, with eight of those dedicated to product development, Shawn is no stranger to the process of bringing top-shelf flies and fly fishing goods from infancy to the riverbank. In addition to development, his resume boasts assortment management, retail management, commercial fly tying, fly tying instruction, casting instruction, guiding and more.

“It’s not enough to say that we want to continue pushing innovation across our product lines,” says Montana Fly Company national sales manager Jake Chutz. “We need to continue to walk the walk. With a true pro like Shawn joining the team, we know we’re equipped to bring MFC to the next level in design, quality, delivery and overall customer satisfaction. He and I will be working together daily, and I couldn’t be more excited about where the brand is headed.”

Shawn says, “In my nearly 19 years at Orvis, I worked closely with the MFC team and really dug what they were doing product wise. They always had the cool stuff, the stuff that got you excited to open a catalog or give you a reason to walk into your local fly shop. I’m excited to be part of what’s cool and innovative coming out of the MFC camp. I am thankful for this great opportunity to help propel MFC into a new era. I’ve learned that the key to success is to offer products that are absolutely right, and having them available when customers want them.”

Shawn and his photographer wife, Jaci have relocated from Vermont to Columbia Falls, Montana where they are looking forward to exploring the local rivers and mountains. They have one grown son, Riley, three dogs and a drift boat.


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Mystery of the CuttyRainBrown

This weekend everything will become clear. We’ll finally have some answers we’ve been looking for. Yep, vast knowledge will be spread like buttah all over the Missoula valley, thanks to the official premiere of Hank Patterson And The Mystery Of The CuttyRainBrown!

We’re stoked to be sponsoring this film event of epic proportions, and we hope you’ll join us this weekend for a dang good time. Spread the word!

Here’s the deets.

Jan 15th:
Helena, Montana
Location: The Myrna Loy
Time: Doors 6pm, Film 7pm
Tickets: or CrossCurrents Fly Shop
Jan. 16th:
Missoula, Montana
Location: The Wilma
Time: Doors 7pm, Film 8pm
Tickets: or at The Grizzly Hackle
PRE-PARTY at THE GRIZZLY HACKLE starts at 5:30 sponsored by Grizzly Hackle and Big Sky Brewing!
Behind The Scenes #1:
Helena FB Event:


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In the books! Double Demon brings in a world record

Not too long ago we showed you a massive taimen caught on a Bergeson’s Double Demon fly in Mongolia. Well, MFC fly designer Brian Bergeson just got word that another fish took a line class world record on his fly–and there’s paperwork to prove it! Super congrats to Brian’s customers Darren Hanifl and Mike Lee on this monster fish and recognition.


Bergeson’s Double Demon does solid work, obviously, but it’s also easy on the eyes. Check out the beautiful artwork by Danny Reed (@crookedcreekholler) depicting the Double Demon. Musky flies are dang sexy.

artwork by: Danny Reed

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Fishing with Bern: it’s about dang time

Bern does it just right. Take a close look at the MFC Boat Box--there are some never-before-seen Bern's Buggers in there!

MFC National Sales Manager Jake Chutz spends a lot of time on the road this time of year. He’s visiting shops, talking with guides, making sure all is well on the Western (and MidWestern, Eastern, Southern, etc) front. And while he tries to fish in all corners of the world during his travels, time doesn’t always allow as many casts as he’d like. He’s especially been wanting to get on the water with famed artist Bern Sundell, and he finally made it happen last week.

Jake made his way down to Ennis to attend Bern and Lexie Sundell’s Creative Flow event at their RiverStone Gallery. It was a vibrant evening filled with friends, art, food and plenty of fish tales. Plan to attend next year, folks!

While Jake likes galleries as much as the next guy, it was river time with Bern that really struck a good chord. How could you not love a day filled with streamer eats, laughs and the one that broke the net. Yep.

Here’s how it went down: Jake was stripping Sparkle Minnows as Bern tested his new flies, that for now we’re calling “Bern’s Buggers.” (Stay tuned–these will come out next year.) Alan Muchmore from Firehole Ranch was on the sticks. Bern and Jake landed a number of hard-fighting fish between 17 and 20 inches, before Jake put the graphite to a 25″ brown trout daddy-o.  He jumped out of the boat to land it, got it in the net, and expertly walked it back to the boat for a quick Kodak moment. That’s when all hell broke loose. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but a two-footer doing a tail kick hard enough to break a five inch hole in the net with its face is nothing short of hell.

She gone.

That’s when Jake said, “It’s just nice to be out here.”

There aren’t photos, so basically that big fish didn’t happen. (But really, it did.)

Until next time, dear Bern. Great day; thank for hosting us on your home water. We’re so glad you’re a part of the MFC family.

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Featured Fly Designer: Brian Bergeson

Musky mongers listen up–it’s not all about you. Taimen fishermen love Bergeson’s Double Demon, too! ;)

One of MFC fly designer Brian Bergeson’s customers, Mike Lee, sent him this photo of a nasty taimen that ate a Double Demon like it was possessed by the devil. This is Mike Lee, below being all like…yeah.

lil 'ol fish

Here’s a bit more about Mr. Bergeson: Brian calls Duluth, Minnesota home. As a Minnesota native, he cut his teeth honing his art of fishing for local Brook Trout, Walleye and lake Superior Salomon and Steelhead. Joining the 1999 USA Youth Fly Fishing team elevated his interest in fly fishing and furthered his skill set. Bria battled alcohol abuse in his 20s and lost interest in fishing. Missing friendships and North Shore Steelhead, Brian became sober a few years later. Around the same time, he met a long lost friend in the middle of the Brule River wilderness who reignited his passion for fly fishing. Since then he has been on e of the fly fishing pioneers of Esox Fly Fishing in the Midwest, and continues to chase fish all over the country with a fly rod Brian operates Rip Lips Custom Musky Flies and is a signature tier for MFC. Is is also a Field pro/staff member of TFO fly rids., Scientific Anglers and Fishbum Outfitters.

Way to make some killer patters, Brian. We’re so glad to have you in the family.

Double Demon. Just a little musky bacon. Oh, and taimen like bacon.


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Featured Fly Designer: Capt. Michael Bruner

Our latest featured fly designer has a love for the saltwater marshes and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with clients through his Charleston, South Carolina guiding operation, Fins and Flies Charters. Meet Capt. Michael Bruner.

Michael’s MFC Juicy Fruit and TCB Crab patterns bring the reds to the yard time after time. And they’ve been known to be versatile temptations for other species as well, fooling northern stripers in the flats and bonnethead sharks.  Here’s a photo of four different species that ate the Juicy Fruit in the purple root beer colorway that we’re running.

Capt. Bruner has been hounding Charleston redfish in the surrounding marshes for about 20 years, letting his crab do work in the grass as well as making the Juicy Fruit move fish in bigger water.  (Remember, redfish– Juicy Fruit is gonna move ya when you pop it in your mouuuuth…)

Whether it’s the exposed pluff mud flats in low water, to flooded spartina grass flats, Michael chooses his approach to bringing in redfish based on the time and size of the tide, season, and recent trends. The tides in that zone are so big and span six hours, so Michael is an expert on when the flats are fishable based on water depth. For anyone wanting to fish the salt marshes in South Carolina for the reds that reign there, Capt. Michael Bruner is your man, and his stellar MFC patterns are the tastiest treats.

When he’s not putting happy clients on fish, Michael gets as much bow time as possible, and can also be found picking banjo for his local bluegrass band Flatt City.

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New! Hot Grips Mitten Scissor Forceps

We’re so pumped about these. The mitten scissor is all the rage, and now we’re raging even harder by adding our Hot Grips coating. Check it.
Made from high-quality steel brushed in a matte black coating and featuring a dipped foam grip, the MFC Hot Grips Mitten Scissor Forceps offer fishermen the ability to carry one tool for easy fly removal, barb pinching and tippet cutting. The clamp design allows for one-hand use while wearing mittens or gloves and is easy to open, close and lock. The bright green foam grip keeps the tool from slipping from your hands, and is easily recognizable.

5″ Mitten Scissor – MSRP $19.99


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1st Annual Creative Flow in Ennis

This is a not-to-be-missed event for fly fishermen, art lovers and anyone looking for a fun way to spend a beautiful fall evening in Montana.

Artist Bern Sundell, a member of the MFC Artist Series family, and his wife Lexie are presenting their first annual Creative Flow gallery event.  It’s billed as a celebration of the arts and fly fishing, the turning of the leaves, running of the fall browns, long casts, rainbows, rainbow trout, rainbow bars and Montana pickup dust.

WHAT: silent auction with Sundell paintings and prints, sculpture, fly rods, reels, fly collections, hand-crafted chocolate, BBQ, beverages, FUN.

DATE: OCTOBER 10, 2015


LOCATION: RIVERSTONE GALLERY on the strip in Ennis, Montana

MORE INFORMATION: call Bern at (406) 682-5768 or

See you there, friends!


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Industry-leading fly designer partners with Montana Fly Company

Kelly Galloup will bring his long-famous patterns as well as new innovations to MFC’s stable of flies available to shops worldwide

A new fly fishing industry partnership unites legendary fly designer Kelly Galloup with leading manufacturer Montana Fly Company. Galloup has inked a deal to bring his brand, talents and revolutionary patterns to the MFC family. Galloup flies will be marketed and available to consumers in fly shops starting mid-spring, 2016.

“I’ve fished and guided with Kelly’s patterns for 15 years and they straight up catch fish,” says MFC National Sales Manager Jake Chutz. “Kelly’s designs are absolute staples to any fly assortment, and we feel extremely fortunate that he’s teamed up with us.”

“My friends at MFC know how passionate I am about creating flies that really work,” says Kelly Galloup. “They’ll be doing their job to get these patterns into the hands of more fish across the globe than I’ve been able to reach in the past, which should go out as a fair warning to fish everywhere.”

As the father of flies that have become household names, including the Sex Dungeon, Zoo Cougar and Boogie Man, Galloup is largely recognized by consumers and professionals as one of the most progressive streamer creators of all time.

“I’m not even close to being done developing streamers that haven’t been seen in the industry yet,” says Galloup. “I think MFC customers will be excited to get their hands on what we’ve got in the hopper.”

Galloup started tying flies professionally as a teenager and quickly began creating design based on the natural movement of flies in every stage of life. He applied this philosophy of natural movement to developing baitfish and sculpin that behave naturally in the water column, and is widely known to have revolutionized modern streamer fishing.

Galloup has been a guide and outfitter for nearly 40 years.  He owns and operates Galloup’s Slide Inn on the legendary Madison River in Montana, offering guided float trips, lodging and a full-service fly shop.

He is the best-selling author of Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout, its technical sequel, Streamers II and Cripples and Spinners. He has also produced numerous instructional DVDs on fly tying and fly fishing.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Kelly to the team,” says Montana Fly Company president Adam Trina. “When it comes to streamers, he’s the heaviest hitter I know. Not only will we be working hard to improve the manufacturing and distribution of his top designs for our dealers, we’ll develop his new innovations into reality.”

For more information, including a complete product list and retail locations, visit Facebook:


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We are morning people!

Why is it so easy to get up before dawn to go fishing? For anything else, including work, catching a flight or even your kid’s Little League tournament, it’s torture to get out of bed. But when fishing is in the mix, your eyes pop open, coffee is poured and the good times start to roll before the sun breaks.

One of our favorite fly shops epitomizes that feeling seven days a week.

Western Rivers Flyfisher in Salt Lake City, Utah is not only a stellar full-service fly shop with a knowledgable staff, excellent selection and long-standing reputation of quality and authenticity, it’s also a quirky doughnut nook to a group of passionate and down-to-earth fishermen who gather each morning before work to tie flies, re-tell fish tales, heckle each other’s hookset skills, swig java and get centered for a good day at the office or on the water.

It’s called the Coffee Crew, and it’s where MFC fly designer Kyle Toyama found a home when he moved to Utah from New York for work. Kyle says, “Being a transplant to Utah and being able to go meet up with these guys at the shop and have them bestow their vast knowledge of the local fisheries from both a current and historic perspective has been a treat for me. Not only have they given up a few of their coveted locations that take many people years to find but they have also helped me truly appreciate fly fishing and the experiences that make it special. It is a special place where I have had the opportunity to relive some of my greatest angling feats, been reminded and humbled about my defeats (harshly and often.)”

The shop is also the birthplace of Kyle’s MFC fly pattern called Yama’s Nunya Midge, which you’ll see in our new catalog. Kyle is donating all fly royalties to the Utah Stream Access Coalition to raise money for litigation to win back formerly-fishable public water that’s been locked down by private interests.

Outside Media’s Nick VanHorn and Hilary Hutcheson got the chance to spend a morning with the Coffee Crew in Salt Lake and captured the essence of why we love local fly shops. They turned this great photo into an ad that’s the first in a new series we’ve got running in The Drake Magazine. Fishing isn’t just about the grip & grin. We feel it’s about the connection with nature, bonds with friends and family, respect for wildlife, personal diligence, patience, preparedness, relaxation, excitement and much more. At your local fly shop you can build a base for all of these things, then take it to the river.

We encourage you all to spend more time at your local shop. Pull up a chair. Pull up a vice. Ask questions. Learn something. Soak in the stories. Get to know the shop pros. Meet a local fisherman you’ve seen on the water but never met. This is all part of it!

We’re continuing to run additional fly shop profiles this year in our MFC Shop Series ad campaign. Stay tuned!




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