New Fly Designer: Onno Shay Wieringa


We’re excited to introduce you to another one of our newest fly designers, Onno Wieringa. Nearly 23 years old, Onno is just a baby, but is wildly fish-wise beyond his years and has been around the industry all his life. He has been a fishing guide and at Glacier Anglers since he was a teenager, showing clients from all over the world a good time at the Crown of the Continent. When he’s not on the water, he’s at the lab (his tying bench), stalking elk with his bow, skiing steep powder lines and reading his fan mail.  (And studying global multicultural liberal studies and entrepreneurism at Montana State University in Bozeman when the weather’s bad.)

Onno says, “Most people start laughing when they see my room because there are hundreds of fly patterns hanging up on strings in plain view that I use for inspiration. For me, fly tying is a lifestyle and one of the most rewarding arts I have ever found. There is nothing more rewarding than tying up a hot new pattern and putting it to the test on some of the trickiest trout around.”

Onno’s most coveted pattern is the Rocky Mountain Bait Fish streamer. It’s so filthy we can’t show it here because it will break the Internet. (The truth is, we don’t want to reveal it until it’s actually in stores–it’s simply that insane.) We’ll tell you a bit about it, though. It’s a wounded minnow with realistic eyes, and a size that not only attracts big fish, but stimulates the smaller ambitious predators.  Onno developed it over more than five years and it’s been proven time and again on sweeping tail waters like the Mighty Mo to Glacier Country’s cold freestones. The pattern is versatile enough to fish it under an indicator trailing a nymph or stonefly and it will bounce bottom in the fishy zone without hooking rocks. Plus, it’s lightweight and doesn’t hold too much water, so you’re not throwing a sponge.

Onno is also proud of his Playgirl minnow pattern. It is copper in color and has a unique stinger hook with a jig eyelet hole. Channel lead in the belly allows it to achieve depth without using a heavy sink tip. It’s Onno’s go-to fly for the fall and it drives the brown trout crazy.  He says, “I feel that the Playgirl will soon become a favorite with guides in the West because of its ability to be easily thrown by clients without getting lost on the bottom and it rarely fails to roll big fish.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the Playgirl. Let’s slow clap her in.

We love helping these young designers get their start. With so much passion, time on the water and at the bench, we’re thrilled to see the positive influence many of these guys and gals have on the industry. We also appreciate their attention to conservation, river ethics willingness to listen and learn from the old school, and their dedication to keeping fly fishing strong well into the future. Onno is the exact representation of these things, and we hope you’ll get the chance to meet up with him out on the river some day.



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Jen Chutz gives the new sparkle minnow a nod

Here’s our gal Jen Chutz Last weekend a couple of hours from our office. (It was somewhere either to the East or the West of here a bit.) Since moving to the Flathead Valley in NW Montana a few years ago from the Henry’s Fork, Jen has been dragging her husband Jake, MFC’s National Sales Manager, all over the region in search of new water and big fish. She gets after it. She always wants to be the first one testing our new flies, like the new sparkle minnow that brought in the slab below. The newbie minnow is our articulated sparkle minnow in “sculpin/rainbow.” And according to Jen, it will do.

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MFC’s newest designer will donate royalties to public water fight

We’ve been wading through the many great patterns submitted by fly designers from all over the world, and we’re just about done making our final selections for the 2016 catalog.

Among the submissions is Yama’s Nunya Midge. It’s a great pattern by Utah resident Kyle Toyama. Upon hearing of his recruitment as a brand new MFC fly designer, Kyle informed us that he will be donating any royalties to the Utah Stream Access Coalition, an organization dedicated to restoring public fishing water in Utah that has been locked down by private interests. Good on ya, Mr. Toyama!

Note to all designers: if you tie flies this tiny, you need to invest in a macro lens on your camera. This baby is tiny! Tied on a size 26 hook, Kyle had Utah’s winter tailwaters in mind when he created this CDC wonder. Kyle says, “I had the idea based on flies that have worked well for me in the past, particularly in difficult situations like the spring creeks in Idaho and Montana and fishing very picky trout back east. All of the flies that worked in those situations were for the most part sparse, simple and low-hanging.”

Why it works: The body hangs low and is sparsely tied to resemble the slightness and profile of an emerging midge as it ascends and uses the resistance of the water’s surface to break out of its shuck. Kyle is also working on his Nunya BWO, so stay tuned.

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Featured Fly Designer Jason Goodale

Meet this month’s Featured Fly Designer, Jason Goodale. Jason is the master behind MFC’s coveted warm water patterns, like Goodale’s Popper, Goodale’s Frog-Leg Diver and Goodale’s Slider.  This bass and pike candy can’t be passed up.

Jason has been tying flies for nearly 30 years, starting when he was in 5th grade. While he started out fishing for trout in Colorado, the last 15 years have had him focused on warm water species.  The photo below is where all the magic happens:

When he’s not tying flies, Jason stays busy as a Captain for the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority. He’s been in the fire service for 18 years and is a second-generation firefighter in Loveland.

Jason and his wife Sarah have twin 10 year old boys who love hockey, so the family spends a lot of time traveling around Northern Colorado hauling boys and gear from rink to rink.

Thanks, Jason for all your passion and talent. Keep up the good work!


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Shop now online at MFC!

Did you know that you can now buy gifts for your sweetie or yourself through our website? Yep, we’ve teamed up Shopatron to work directly with our brick and mortar shops to make it easier for you to get the goods your after.

Just go to and select the product you’re interested in. Shopatron will scan the inventory of our fly shops all around North America and find what you’re looking for and get it shipped directly to you.  It’s great for you, great for shops and makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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He’s Dunn it again

He’s gone and done it again. MFC fly designer Casey Dunnigan has just unveiled his newest innovation–a slick little mayfly called the Dunnigan Dunn Dunn. Like all our amazing designers, Casey is always thinking about new ways to fool trout.

Casey says, “When I got my hands on the MFC Wonder Wings, I immediately thought about the famed No Hackle fly. Everyone knows how badass that fly is and how it catches fish like no other. The only problem with the No Hackle fly is that it is super hard to tie and takes forever. So, I wanted to create something less high- maintenance that looks real, is durable and can fool finicky trout.”

The Dunn Dunn has a nice slender body and is lightly hackled. From the bottom view it looks killer.

Casey says, “The Wonder Wings brought this fly to life. They are nearly indestructible. I now have a mayfly that looks real, is durable, and can fool wary trout on pressured water.”

We’re looking forward to seeing the Dunn Dunn in action soon!


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Last call for fly submissions!

Photo by Kyle Toyama

Hey, all you talented fly tiers out there–stop calling your mom on the phone every day to tell her that all you really want in life is to get your patterns picked up by MFC. It’s time to make it happen. (You should still call your mom.)

We’re taking fly submissions for next year’s catalog NOW.  You have to hurry. We’re only taking submissions through the end of this month. So, before February, send us:

  • Four or five copies of your best pattern–they must be exactly the same.
  • A recipe.
  • Any special instructions for tying the pattern.
  • The fly’s clever name.
  • A quick line or two on why it works.
  • Your complete contact information with name, phone number, email address, location.

Address the package to: Montana Fly Company

(PO Box only for USPS, Physical Address only for UPS and FedEx)

P.O. Box 2853
530 First Avenue West
Columbia Falls. MT 59912
attn Jake Chutz.

The flies will not be returned. We’ll contact you if you’re selected.

Thanks, and good luck!

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Phil Rowley is not sitting still

We’re proud to showcase Phil Rowley as this month’s MFC Featured Fly Designer. While he’s known as a stillwater guru, Phil isn’t a guy who sits still and lets the world pass him by. In his 30+ years in the fly fishing industry, Phil has not only put in a lot of lake hours, he also travels all over North America hitting rivers for steelhead, trout, Atlantic and Pacific salmon, char, pike and whatever else he can fool. He’s written for almost every major fly fishing publication in North America and has authored three books, numerous feature articles and two regular columns. You probably have Phil’s first book, Fly Patterns for Stillwaters, since it’s a best seller. In addition to his writing, Phil has four instructional DVDs. In 2007, Phil was a member of the gold medal winning team at the Canadian Fly Fishing championships.  He’s also been on a ton of television shows, and he continues to speak to fly fishing clubs and he presents seminars all across North America.

If you want to hang out with him in person, cruise up to Edmonton, Alberta and book him as a guide. And be sure to check out his website here.

But wait…THERE’S MORE! Phil and his bestie, fellow stillwater magician Brian Chan have opened an online store. This, folks, is where all your dreams come true.
Check it out by clicking here.

Here are some of the bugs that make grown men drool:

Balanced Leech -- Claret

Olive Pumpkin


Really getting it done. Like, just slaying it. For real.

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Featured Fly Designer: Hogan Brown

We know we’ve got the best fly designers in the industry. These guys and dolls are innovative artisans who are fishier than flock. They know what works and why, and they make it happen every day at the bench. We want to take moment to introduce you to these accomplished feather warriors. So, we’re going to start highlighting our featured fly designers so you can get to know them a bit more intimately.

First off, meet Mr. Hogan Brown:


Hogan Brown is a not only a Montana Fly Company fly designer, he’s also a nationally published author, speaker, Simms Fishing Products Ambassador, Scott Fly Rod Pro Staffer, Air Flo Fly Lines Pro Staffer, Echo Fly Rods Pro Staffer, and offers guided fly fishing trips in northern California for trout, steelhead, bass (large and small mouthed), shad, and stripers. If you’d like to fish with him, see his website at and visit his Facebook page.

Here’s a glimpse into Hogan’s life…

Tie some flies:

Bless some beads:

Order some materials:

Collect some materials:

Teach your kids to tie flies:

That about sums up a good life on Earth.

Thanks for all you do, Hogan, we’re so happy to have you on board.



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The Colors of MFC

Most of you will probably agree that the best place to enjoy fall colors is on a river or lake. This season has been a glorious one in North America, don’t you think? As autumn fades into winter, we want to give ‘ol Mother Nature a proper high five. One way to show props is to post up a sampling of all the great fall colors our MFC friends have captured during their fall fishing escapades.  We’re putting together a great gallery of your photos that we can refer back to longingly when the grey of winter sets in. We’re calling it “Colors of MFC” and we’d love for you to share your best pics from the fall season. Maybe it’s that dramatic orange cutthroat marking, the big ‘bow that matches the rainbow of rocks in a shallow run, or that unmistakable sparkle minnow in a brown trout’s lip.  Oh, and all of this with yellow and red leaves poppin’ all around… You know what we’re talking about. So waste no time in this:

1. Like us on Instagram and Facebook

2. Post up on Instagram or on our Facebook Page (you can do both or either) your best #ColorsOfMFC.

3. Yes, be sure to tag #ColorsOfMFC so we can find your photos.

One more thing–as always, we have some excellent MFC products to give away to THREE of you.

Here is some inspiration to get you started–MFC fly designer John Gould, from Double Up Outfitters, sent us these from the Bitterroot River in Montana this week where Indian Summer just won’t quit.

MFC fly designer John Gould showing off the Colors of MFC while on the water at his outfitting business Double Up Outfitters

photo from MFC fly designer John Gould at Double Up Outfitters

Oh, and atta girl, Mother Nature, you gone done and did it again.

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