Last call for fly submissions!

Photo by Kyle Toyama

Hey, all you talented fly tiers out there–stop calling your mom on the phone every day to tell her that all you really want in life is to get your patterns picked up by MFC. It’s time to make it happen. (You should still call your mom.)

We’re taking fly submissions for next year’s catalog NOW.  You have to hurry. We’re only taking submissions through the end of this month. So, before February, send us:

  • Four or five copies of your best pattern–they must be exactly the same.
  • A recipe.
  • Any special instructions for tying the pattern.
  • The fly’s clever name.
  • A quick line or two on why it works.
  • Your complete contact information with name, phone number, email address, location.

Address the package to: Montana Fly Company

(PO Box only for USPS, Physical Address only for UPS and FedEx)

P.O. Box 2853
530 First Avenue West
Columbia Falls. MT 59912
attn Jake Chutz.

The flies will not be returned. We’ll contact you if you’re selected.

Thanks, and good luck!

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Phil Rowley is not sitting still

We’re proud to showcase Phil Rowley as this month’s MFC Featured Fly Designer. While he’s known as a stillwater guru, Phil isn’t a guy who sits still and lets the world pass him by. In his 30+ years in the fly fishing industry, Phil has not only put in a lot of lake hours, he also travels all over North America hitting rivers for steelhead, trout, Atlantic and Pacific salmon, char, pike and whatever else he can fool. He’s written for almost every major fly fishing publication in North America and has authored three books, numerous feature articles and two regular columns. You probably have Phil’s first book, Fly Patterns for Stillwaters, since it’s a best seller. In addition to his writing, Phil has four instructional DVDs. In 2007, Phil was a member of the gold medal winning team at the Canadian Fly Fishing championships.  He’s also been on a ton of television shows, and he continues to speak to fly fishing clubs and he presents seminars all across North America.

If you want to hang out with him in person, cruise up to Edmonton, Alberta and book him as a guide. And be sure to check out his website here.

But wait…THERE’S MORE! Phil and his bestie, fellow stillwater magician Brian Chan have opened an online store. This, folks, is where all your dreams come true.
Check it out by clicking here.

Here are some of the bugs that make grown men drool:

Balanced Leech -- Claret

Olive Pumpkin


Really getting it done. Like, just slaying it. For real.

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Featured Fly Designer: Hogan Brown

We know we’ve got the best fly designers in the industry. These guys and dolls are innovative artisans who are fishier than flock. They know what works and why, and they make it happen every day at the bench. We want to take moment to introduce you to these accomplished feather warriors. So, we’re going to start highlighting our featured fly designers so you can get to know them a bit more intimately.

First off, meet Mr. Hogan Brown:


Hogan Brown is a not only a Montana Fly Company fly designer, he’s also a nationally published author, speaker, Simms Fishing Products Ambassador, Scott Fly Rod Pro Staffer, Air Flo Fly Lines Pro Staffer, Echo Fly Rods Pro Staffer, and offers guided fly fishing trips in northern California for trout, steelhead, bass (large and small mouthed), shad, and stripers. If you’d like to fish with him, see his website at and visit his Facebook page.

Here’s a glimpse into Hogan’s life…

Tie some flies:

Bless some beads:

Order some materials:

Collect some materials:

Teach your kids to tie flies:

That about sums up a good life on Earth.

Thanks for all you do, Hogan, we’re so happy to have you on board.



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The Colors of MFC

Most of you will probably agree that the best place to enjoy fall colors is on a river or lake. This season has been a glorious one in North America, don’t you think? As autumn fades into winter, we want to give ‘ol Mother Nature a proper high five. One way to show props is to post up a sampling of all the great fall colors our MFC friends have captured during their fall fishing escapades.  We’re putting together a great gallery of your photos that we can refer back to longingly when the grey of winter sets in. We’re calling it “Colors of MFC” and we’d love for you to share your best pics from the fall season. Maybe it’s that dramatic orange cutthroat marking, the big ‘bow that matches the rainbow of rocks in a shallow run, or that unmistakable sparkle minnow in a brown trout’s lip.  Oh, and all of this with yellow and red leaves poppin’ all around… You know what we’re talking about. So waste no time in this:

1. Like us on Instagram and Facebook

2. Post up on Instagram or on our Facebook Page (you can do both or either) your best #ColorsOfMFC.

3. Yes, be sure to tag #ColorsOfMFC so we can find your photos.

One more thing–as always, we have some excellent MFC products to give away to THREE of you.

Here is some inspiration to get you started–MFC fly designer John Gould, from Double Up Outfitters, sent us these from the Bitterroot River in Montana this week where Indian Summer just won’t quit.

MFC fly designer John Gould showing off the Colors of MFC while on the water at his outfitting business Double Up Outfitters

photo from MFC fly designer John Gould at Double Up Outfitters

Oh, and atta girl, Mother Nature, you gone done and did it again.

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There are good eggs, then there’s the best egg in the biz

We don’t always fish with eggs… But when we do, we fish with Otter’s Soft Milking Egg.

When the pattern and materials are designed by a guy who got his nickname because he’s always in the water and usually catching fish, you know it’s going to be good. But Walt Mueller, Jr., AKA “The Otter” didn’t just make a good egg, he made the best egg in the business. His original “Soft Milking Egg”® was first developed for steelhead in the Great Lakes area, but are now making monster fish go mad for “milk” worldwide.

MFC is proud to distribute The Otter’s Soft Milking Egg and the materials to make it.

What makes The Otter’s pattern so deadly? Well, these are soft and milking. Yep. Other egg patterns are made of epoxy or hard plastic, so they don’t exhibit the milking characteristic of real fish eggs. Milking is when a real egg splits open and the interior contents of the egg exudes as a whitish colored liquid into the current, very similar to the sperm from a male fish. Chewy and straight-up gourmet.

Seven different sizes of The Otter’s “Soft Milking Egg”® fly patterns are available, from the small 2 x 2 mm double row “Soft Sucker Spawn”© OS-3 flies on tiny #18 hooks, to the 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm (NEW) and 10 mm flies with single eggs on #10 thru #14 hooks; plus the larger 3 x 6 mm clusters and multiple clusters on #8 up to #2/0 hooks, now in 17 different translucent and opaque egg colors!

For more information on how to fish these babies, click here.

And for even more gory details, click here.

To get them, ask for them at your local dairy fly shop. Or, click here to order online.

Oh, and BONUS–if you dress up as an Otter’s Soft Milking Egg for Halloween and post a photo on our Facebook Page, we’ll send you a real nice treat.

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Dog Days of MFC — Photo Contest!

It looks like the “dog days of summer” are over. We know this because of the Google machine. We looked it up. According to, the dog days of summer run from the first week of July until the second week of August.

Well, the dog days of MFC are going on right now. We’re asking you to head over to our Facebook page and post up photo of your favorite canine fishing companion. There are prizes involved.

Here’s a good one to get it started.

Dog Days of MFC

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Montana Fly Company

The time has come to once again celebrate the foundation, the rock, the glue that holds every family together…the single reason we all get to do what we do and the house remains, for the most part, intact…wait, it’s not Mother’s Day this weekend?!

Dads all over the world get to have their annual 24 hours in the spotlight this Sunday and we’re excited to offer a few suggestions on how to best celebrate that man in your life (Trust me, they feel that they need to be celebrated even though it might appear they celebrate themselves every day). When it comes to guys and dads and what they think they need to feel complete, it’s fairly simple.

Moms, when you see that fly tying bench, or maybe the kitchen table, littered with feathers and fur of every color, shape and size imaginable, and all you want is a little bit of organization…well, we’re not going to be able to help with that. But once those flies have been tied or purchased from the local fly shop (he might tend to refer to this place as “The Office”) we have incredible storage options that will directly aid in your intended tidying of public spaces within the house.

From the kitchen sink of fly boxes, the Montana Fly Company Boat Box, to waterproof options, to the simple, yet aesthetically brilliant plastic fly boxes, MFC has what your man needs and wants. Take a moment and research where his “office” might be and pick up a new fly box or two. Watch his eyes light up as though you totally knew what he wanted the whole time! Super brownie points on this one! Happy Father’s Day to all those dads out there and we hope this works in your favor this year!


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Montana Fly Company Hires Industry Leading Sales Group

Montana Fly Company Hires Industry’s Top Sales Group

Hart-Montgomery joins MFC as its rep agency of record for the northern rocky mountain region

Columbia Falls, MT – May 13, 2014Montana Fly Company (MFC), manufacturer of high-quality flies, fly tying accessories and fishing gear, proudly announces the addition of Hart-Montgomery Outdoor Sales as its sales agency for the northern rocky mountain region, including Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

Hart-Montgomery, based in Bozeman, Mont., an industry leader in representation within the outdoor, fly fishing, conventional fishing, whitewater and hunting channels. Hart-Montgomery currently represents brands such as AIRE, R.L. Winston Rod Co., Costa Sunglasses, Scientific Anglers and Ross Reels USA. The highly-regarded agency brings years of industry knowledge, sales experience and dealer relations to the MFC sales force.

“Having the Hart-Montgomery team represent MFC is an absolute honor and we couldn’t be happier to have them on board,” says Jake Chutz, MFC’s national sales manager. “These guys know the industry inside and out and will be an integral part of the brand’s success and overall identity.”

The strategic relationship will strengthen and deepen MFC’s sales in a critical part of the country. The rocky mountain west defines the heart and soul of trout fishing in the US and dealers in this region depend on quality flies and materials that exceed demands from consumers whose fly fishing gear takes a toll during a season.

“MFC prides itself on delivering the best products on the market and Hart-Montgomery will look to increase sales and broaden the identity of the MFC brand in this area,” says Adam Trina, Montana Fly Company president and founder.

“We’re extremely excited for the opportunity to work with Montana Fly Company,” adds Hart-Montgomery partner and co-founder Chris Hart. “The brand is already a household name in the fly fishing industry and we feel the relationship will be mutually beneficial and successful.”

Montana Fly Company produces hand-crafted flies, fly tying accessories and other fly fishing equipment.  With an emphasis on personalized service, the team at Montana Fly Company draws on decades of experience in designing products featuring innovative patterns made from high quality materials.  Located in the heart of Montana’s fly-fishing community, products are field tested by top guides for ultimate quality and performance.  For more information, including a complete product list and retail locations, visit


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Bern Sundell – The Man Behind the Vice and Canvas

In the mid 1950s I got my first fly rod, a green 8 foot fiberglass South Bend fitted with an

automatic reel filled with level line. My first trout was a 14 inch rainbow that lived in a deep pool with bubbles.

My friend Doug and I fished as many days as we could each summer. I had a part time job mowing lawns so I could buy hooks, fur, and feathers to tie flies. I started out tying Royal Coachmans and Gray Hackles.

It was not long before I wanted to experiment with new patterns. One of my favorites was the gopher tail. It was simple and effective. I still have one that Doug made. It is a bit chewed up from brook trout.

During this time I started drawing trout. My bedroom soon was covered with trout drawings and paintings. While in school I drew fish in all my books. I was always dreaming of sparkling water and leaping neon trout.

In the early 1990s I moved back to Ennis, Montana, where I live now. I focused on trout paintings as I continued to tie flies. My wife Lexi and I opened RiverStone Gallery which is only a short walk from the Madison River.

Several years ago I met Adam Trina from Montana Fly Company. After a short meeting I started working with them. It’s fun to see the paintings on all the different products.

My favorite are the fly reels which I have on several rods. Jason Zica from Fall River Rods is making me a bamboo rod to fish streamers. The brook trout skin reel is going to look great on it.

Montana Fly Company is also tying several of my streamer designs. These include the Bad Boy, River Hawk, Ghost Dancer, and the most recent additions of Night Fire, Stone Fire, Moss Fire, Amber Fire, Cinnamon Fire, and the Silver Cosmo.

Most of my creative tying takes place in the early morning hours when the world seems to be still. My fly tying area is a chaotic mess with hooks, marabou, bunny fur, dubbing, flashabou, bucktail, krystal flash, and thread in a heap.

My painting palette is equally chaotic. Lexi looks at my colors and shakes her head. I say it’s not how they look, it’s what you do with them that counts.

Now I am working on several private painting commissions. I also have a new streamer in the vise, called Yellow Rocket Metal. I think it’s going to be a hot one.



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Stirling’s Mo’ Town Shuffle

I want to first of all send a huge thanks to Capt. Rob Weiker (aka Tater’s Dad) from Lakestream Fly Shop in Whitefish who kept us on fish the whole time and wouldn’t relinquish his tenure on the oars … (“that man’s a stud!”) and who lined up two cameramen who are making a show for Fox (regional: ID, MT, WA) called “Things To Do In Montana”. This particular episode will feature the Missouri River, near Craig, MT. We floated from Holter Dam to Craig the first day and caught a pile of fish. The second day we did the same float and wrecked ‘em again. (Again, I’ll submit another huge thanks to my friend Rob for his skills as a guide) Third day we tried streamers down low (Mid-Canon to Prewitt), but it was sunny and the bite wasn’t on. The piece will feature all Montana Fly Company flies, and here are the ones that worked like champs: Dunnigan’s Flashback Scud in pink was the #1 killer (32-0620). Other flies that worked were: Firebead Ray Charles in grey (32-0370) and the Tung Micro Worm in red (03-0310).

Special thanks go to local Missouri River guide Eric Mondragon for schlepping the cameramen down the river, and Wolf Creek Angler for their hospitality. Also, Tater the dog for being so well-behaved!

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